Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's talk about pain for a moment, shall we?

Before I get in to the agony I endured at the White Water Center let me set it up. Saturday I decided to go ride Bear Creek. I left at 530am and according to the GPS my arrival time would have still been in the dark so I decide to go past to the WWC /Tanasi. One in the same. Very early morning start which is good for me.
On the first down hill I rounded a turn and there are 3 bears. 2 cubs and Mama. About 10yds out. I generally am hooting and belting out the Rebel Yell on the down hills. Hikers and riders coming in the other direction need to be aware I'm coming in fast. The bears heard me and started running down the trail. I stopped. Mama stopped and looked back then she ran off with the cubs up over the hill. They were all surprisingly small. I tried to get a picture but couldn't get to the camera fast enough. From all the signage I half way expect to see a bear. So that was exciting. Seeing the bears, and it was early, in the 50s. A really cool start to the ride.
I felt good and really cranked the ride out. I did the Quartz loop Clockwise and CC. Someone told me once it was fun CC. Not. CW is way more fun, fast. Thunder Rock Express. Fuggetaboutit! I tore that run up. Coming out of the berms wheeling and cranking. Even with taking pictures and goofing around I got back to the car at 930 so I decided to do it again. It just didn't seem that long. I think the ride we do is 12 or 14 miles. I forget.
I bypass the care and start on the second go around.
I have been running a 36 tooth ring which I have not had on a big ride at this point. Blankets creek and Big creek sure, no problem. Still, it felt good to push that big gear and I never dropped to granny for anything out there. I sure wasn't going to do it on the second run either. There is nothing out there that needs it anyway. My quads started to cramp up. I figured I will just push through and work it out. I turned on to the short climb up to where the Quartz loop starts. Halfway the pain was unbelievable. I got off the bike and WHAM! My quads seized up so hard it locked my knees and I could not bend my legs. I couldn't move. I stood there bent over holding the bike and whining. I have not felt pain like that in a long time. I calmed down and started breathing. After a couple minutes I was able to start the robot walk. The cramping backed off enough to drop to my knees and catch my breathe. I walked up to the quartz loop. I went to granny gear and walked to get around the loop. The TR express was not quite as fiery this time. My legs were cramping on and off and I got sloppy a couple of times, narrowly avoiding bad times. I backed off and finished out the ride. I do not pace myself well when not riding with others.
Back at the parking lot, man it was a big day. The river had been let in and the Kayakers and Rafters were sprinkled all over the White Water course. Lots of spectators. It was a pretty cool. It was also a great day for Motorcycles. They were everywhere.


After:I took a few pictures. None of which show any kind of actual riding because I was by myself.
They are all here.


Todd said...

Man, I feel ya! I have been crippled by some serious cramps, and that shit hurts. I've been using a light mixture of Cytomax in my Camalbak now for any extended riding in the summer heat. Seems to be working so far...

Unknown said...

I recently read that It's a good idea to carry a mix like that with you. Actually is said start sipping it before hand. Glad it worked. Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to make that apart of the pre-ride checklist.