Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Surely you jest?

Contains peanuts.

Why not just catch the people that warning is for at the front door and call it Dumbass Butter!

Make a purchase.


Anonymous said...

not sure if anyone told you but peanut butter will kill you:

Unknown said...

But only if it's like real peanuts in peanut butter not the fake peanuts in the fake peanut butter. They call them both peanut butter but if there is a warning letting you know there are real peanuts in the jar of peanut butter, (you know the one labeled as peanut butter) then you'll know it's real and if you have allergies don't eat it with a spoon. Unless it's the fake peanut butter with peanuts then there won't be a warning label and you can throw that at your friend who sides with a dumbass label.

hellbelly said...

Lawyer tabs that are peanut butter flavored. Better than peanut butter that is lawyer flavored.