Friday, August 24, 2007

T2 bikes

So we are cruising right along with the shop's online store. We have been picking up accounts everyday. Still deciding exactly who and what we want to sell. Of course a lot of the merchandise is stuff we use or items we think would be good products. Quite a bit of it is higher end gear than you can get at your local Big Box. Not to say there are not the Local Bike shops that don't carry cool stuff. If I might recommend OutSpokin Bikes in Woodstock Ga. Kevin and the guys are great. And walk in and ask for something, Bang! He's got it. They're big on Single Speeds and into 29 rigs as well.
I think I will post some reviews on the gear I use from time to time on the T2 site. But, I gotta tell ya it is really enjoyable working on the site. Mark and I spend most of the day tossing ideas around and adding content to the site. What could be better than a site ran by bike freaks? When you spend this much time riding and reading about biking I think you get a really good feel for what works and what people want. Hell, who cares if you buy something lets just talk about riding.
Uh, I better not quit my day job.

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