Thursday, August 23, 2007

WTF!? Just pedal the damn thing.

I am not a big fan of the "Electric Bike". The whole concept of converting your regular pedal bicycle is ridiculous. Just buy a scooter or something that was originally designed to have a motor. With foot pegs not pedals. Jeeeez.
Here is one of the newer entries into this arena.

Neodymics™ Cyclemotor

Instantly add electric propulsion to your bicycle with this self-contained, powered wheel

Design Benefits

Simple Installation
Install or remove from most bicycles in seconds, as a matter of routine
Intuitive Controls
Simple power on demand throttle control
Powerful Drivetrain
Maintain high speed up nearly any hill with one Hp direct drive motor
Fun to Ride
Fast and responsive, with low center of mass; hybrid using human and electric propulsion
Inherently Safe
Drive components supported by shock-mounted wheel, for minimal stress on bicycle frame
Silent, industry standard hub motor
US and foreign patents pending
A Truly Green Ride
Excellent energetic performance; 25 times more efficient than an automobile.

Gee, I'm sold.


hellbelly said...

Fat and lazy people are always easy marks. Rog will be the next Branson. The masses are(have fat) asses.

Kinzie said...

that's pretty ridiculous, man.