Monday, August 27, 2007

The Mach Five is the most complex and ingenious car ever built; a tribute to my father's imagination, genius and technical skills!

Yes! There is a Speed Racer film in the works. I know I know another comic turned movie but, look what they did with Transformers. Oh and get this. The Wachowski Brothers are making it. The Bros that brought us the Matrix (I will not acknowledge the other two from that trilogy ). Those should never be spoken of again. Anyway, they are doing their thing again with the cinematography nuttiness. Some how the whole frame will be in focus like a cartoon. The background and the foreground all in focus. Sounds weird, but cool. The movie is suppose to be rated G. My little boy is going to love it. And after seeing the Mach 5 I can't wait.

Oh Man, that's bad! Big block V8. Built on a Corvette chassis.

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