Friday, July 11, 2008

This place Rocks. Well, not the way you're thinking.

I don't know why I expect anything different riding in Pennsylvania. The rock and stone amaze me every time. Jim Thorpe is ok to visit every so often. This time I thought I might get a little more flow with a different trail. And actually I like Jim Thorpe better that the Prompton State park trails now that I have ridden them.
3 guys we ran into on the ride last month on the Laurel Mtn trail in Pisgah were from North Eastern PA and told me about it.
It took about an hour to get there from my Grandmother's house. I did 17 miles but man was it a killer. First off I am still in the early phase of getting use to pushing the 36ring on the Nomad. Rock covers every inch of the trail so, that makes for a pleasant lung busting ride. These trails do not get the treatment of the Southeast. The forest service cuts the down fall off the trails but that is about it. I do not think they have any cycling groups to advocate anything type of trail maintenance. In some places the trail just sort of disappeared. I had to follow the blazes on the trees. It roams through some fairly deep forest. Not many high points to the trail. No real ups or downs. Just one big rocky traverse. I still had a good time doing something different. Long as I'm riding it's all good.

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