Monday, July 7, 2008

Why is this man so happy?

Well aside from having a (over stepping some bounds) a good lookin' new wife, he's Chris Winter dammit! He's the proprietor of Big Mountain bike Adventures. Not only is he a big mountain bike rider he's a big mountain skier as well. And an all around great guy. He runs tours in Europe, South Africa, Mexico, and Costa Rica to name a few. Ok enough of the schmoozing.

I decided to put a piece on the blog as I am getting nostalgic. The Switzerland trip was about this time last year and I have been going over all the pictures. Then I picked up the latest Bike Magazine (July edition) and there he is on a big fat two pager Rockin it Alpine style*. A huge grin appeared on my face and the goose bumps followed. It was like I reliving the moment and riding those same trails. The entire vibe washed over me right there in Borders Book store. DANG! I GOTTA GO BACK!
In the past year I have noticed Big Mountain has blown up. Big time. There have been articles about the trips that Chris runs in several of the big publications. Rightfully so. He runs a great operation. If you decide you want to experience this for yourself you won't be sorry.
2010 we ride again.

*Minimum of a 35lb full suspension rig. Leterhosen. Riding your ass off. Mix well. Nipple rings optional.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait...2010 couldn't come fast enough.

Now the question is...which bike will I be bring by then...

Unknown said...

By then I am planning on my long travel Niner. If it ever comes out of prototype.

hellbelly said...

Sweet daddy Rob is in! You gotta represent for Sherwood over there. It will be a nice mix with a Turner, SC, Ventana, maybe a Niner and whatever Diamond Dave rides. No, I did not forget about Chillcoot Ray and Randy (SC for Ray; Randy may pony up and get a Turner by then or just rock the DaVinci.)Its gonna be some funny shiz.