Monday, June 9, 2008

Busted at Blanket's.

I did a ride yesterday morning at Blanket's Creek. Much like I do on the weekends. I arrived around 7:10am. Hit the trail and poached Area51. Now, everyone knows it is closed. It's painfully obvious. Most people know it's due to some agitated non-rider who complained to the Core about part of the trail coming to close to the water. Maybe an erosion issue. I'm not certain. I just know it was a BS call by someone who wanted to squash the whole thing out of spite. Either way it is closed. I am sure it is a legality issue that has the orange barricades up and the signs. I don't feel like it is that big a deal to go around those and ride it even now. Somebody is. It is still packed nicely and flows great except for one area close to the end, or start depending which way you go. I look at it this way. I am helping keep it packed in and I am not even on it 30 minutes at a time. I get there early to haul ass on it and move on.
So, yesterday I am riding it on the Single Speed an I see another rider through the woods. He is riding it in the wrong direction according to the day. I mean if you want to kind of follow the rules. I thought that's cool someone else out here snaking a ride. We finally meet on the trail and I say good morning as I am riding up. It's and old guy. He says. "Good morning. You know this trail is closed." Really I didn't know that (plead ignorance no matter what). "It is. They have it blocked off on both ends." I reply "Then why are you riding it?" I never heard the answer as all this transpired as we were riding past each otherf. Who does this guy think he is? He's going the wrong way and is out for a roll on Area51 himself.
I have my theory on this: He is part of some sort of SORBA elitist subgroup and thinks he has every right to tell you what to do. If you're on a Bike he is your ruler. Probably one of the same people that gripes and whines when a jump is placed on the trail. These groups foster this type of attitude. Especially towards us that will not join them. Oh, now I donate money from time to time and pay their parking fees. I will also give them praise for the trails they get made and the bike advocacy work they do. Don't get me wrong I think there is a place for them and the Mtn Bike scene would not be as great as it is. But just as with every sport Mtn Biking has changed. Back in the day it was just a bunch of guys hanging out and riding. Doing a little bit of tail-gating afterwards. Everyone seemed friendly and all wanted to just talk bikes. Now you have so many jerks. They can't say hi or screw you. Nothing. They just look at you when you say Hi. It has sort of changed my attitude in to Piss off and get out of my way. It's sad and I realize that I need to just ignore it. I try to keep myself in check and not let it effect my ride and mood. Hey I'm out riding, It's all good. As the kids say.

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hellbelly said...

Sounds like some good ol' home-cooked hypocrisy to me. I say "off copper, get bent!" Hahahahaha! Too bad you did not have the Nomadster to truly madden him. I could just hear him muttering "I would have gotten away with my quiet ride if it hadn't been for those meddling Freeride/DH/MX?whatever kids!!"