Thursday, April 3, 2008

I can't give up now.

I drug out the chopper project of yore. I thought since I have finished the Triumph and it actually runs now that I would put this on Craig's List.
*The Triumph write up is to come.
After I had it out and started to take pictures of it I thought to myself I can't get rid of this thing. Especially now that I know the guys over at British American Cycle repair. I have an "in" into custom building process now. These guys can help me out with ideas and how to's for some of the more difficult areas I have run into. I have decided to pull this motor and go with something British.

Not sure when I will get back into it. I feel a renewed interest though. Might not be far off.
This was a ground up build. I used the steering head off a twisted frame. The rest was unusable. I made this frame long for my height and allowed for the 180 to be put on the rear. The gas tank is a faux stretch. I tigged on a shroud which was smoothed into the main tank. The capacity is the same but it fits the frame better as far as the look. The front end is going away. I have a longer one with a match mag to the rear. The fender mount turned out great. Just barely off the rear wheel. A nice tight look. The wheel itself is from a Kawasaki ZX1100.
Originally the fake oil tank was to hold the electronics for the Honda motor. Now that I am going to be going to a British motor of some sort it is going to actually have to hold oil. So that needs to be redesign. The seat pan I made and just need to have it covered. I the bike to have a suicide shifter. I think that is still going to be the route I take.
Yet another project that has been on the list a long long time.

Here it is with the other front end on. I think I like it alot better.

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