Saturday, April 5, 2008

GravityDropper I love you.

I came to realize just how much the GravityDropper means to my riding. The mechanism that locks and releases the post came unglued. I had to do without it for a couple of rides. I did not like that. No sir. No, indeed I do not.
The earlier post had some such issue with anodizing and the epoxy used to hold the mechanism to the post. After a year and a half of hard ridng and more abuse than Punch gave Judy it finally had it's one and only problem (luckily not on the trail).
I called up the company (a small operation) and let them know what had happened. Just send it on back. So I did. I guess about a week later. I really could not believe how quickly it came back. Clean, oiled, most of all fixed. An owners guide was thrown in along with extra mounting hardware and a sticker. It works better than before. The return action has such a snap it could knock the balls off a bull. It almost did. HOOYah!
If you do more than just ride like Roadie in the dirt then a GravityDropper is for you. Every bump, root, decline is kicked up about 10 times on the fun scale. The overall speed of your ride is faster as obviously you are faster with the seat down on the downhills and faster on the climbs with the seat up, which is controlled right there at your thumb.


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