Wednesday, April 9, 2008

HellBoy II is going to rock!

If you're a Hellboy fan you'll get that little play on words in the title. I have a link to the new trailer and man does it look good. You can see a lot of director Guillermo del Toro's imagery in this flick. Quite a bit of it looks straight from Pan's Labyrinth. The monsters could fit into either movie. They look like they do well in this newest Hellboy though. A bunch of baddies with their eyes in other places than where they should be. Or none at all. The whole style of the Hellboy story is something I have always liked. It has kept pretty true to the comic I would say. After the first Hellboy movie I went out and picked up a comic or two. The style is characterized as (I am starting to hate this word and I am really into it. Sad.) Steampunk.

You woke up the baby.

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