Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blankets Creek a destination? I think so.

I have been riding Blanket's Creek (I have no idea if it possessive in the spelling) about three times a week. Sometimes four. I try to run the counter clockwise days on my single speed. Clockwise on the Nomad. I have to give it to the trail builders out there for going outside of the box. They have built a jump section on the Dwelling loop that has sort of a weak log stack, table top and rock garden. But, at the end there is a kicker. The landing stinks because it is to flat unless, you hit it fast and then weeeeeeeee! I am able to clear the flat and land on where the two trails come together on a transition. Of course then you are throw right into a flat turn that I keep washing out. I say good for them anyway for building it. I know they have tried stuff like that in the past and some of your more pansy pants'd riders have complained. Come on! WTF! There is a bail out, ride around, whatever you want to call it. Point being you don't have to do it. These trails need these stunts. It gives something for everyone. I am still going to ride a trail on my Nomad because I make my own fun off rocks, tree stumps, squirrels,:) whatever. The counter clockwise direction on the South Loop has two fun rock drops. Nothing huge but for a local trail that is quickly turning into a destination trail it's pretty cool.
The Mosquito Bites section is a short beginner run that is fun if you run it fast. Lots of turns. A nice bridge. There is a big switch back section near the end or begining, depending on how you run it. Toward the end I usually go off the side through the woods. Something different.
There is another new section that I did not know about that starts out by Tim's Trip. I hooked up with this guy on Sunday and after we rode South and Dwelling he showed it to me. Very cool. Switch backs, climbs, and a swift little downhill. It looked like some jumps are going in as well. It needs to get packed in a little more before those are doable. I orginally heard from a goober who is "outspokin" ;) that it was going to take a year to do the five miles. Now I hear that is wrong and they are going to finish it way before that.
Friday the 16th I am going to Tsali to SS left and right. Should be a hoot!

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