Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The peppermint toothpicks work best.

Because when you prop your eyelids open with them that minty sting helps too. I had to go out of town for a training course and good God that class was painful. The instructor could not be understood due to the accent. Unable to answer what I thought were simple questions that one in a teaching capacity for a particular product should know. So boring.
Moving on. I have the ATT TILT to do my mobile blogging on. So far a great device. We will see how future pictures for the site turn out. Right O!
Attended the my 20 yr High School reunion this past weekend. Had a very good time. Seemed like the crowd was made up of mostly the genuine people from those days. You kind of think before you go to something like that there's no one I really care to see either way. Then you get there and all these people you have not thought about in awhile are there and it was very cool. I hooked up with some really good friends again.
We got these programs that are everyone's (everyone that filled the form out) email, home address, and career, etc... There is also a section that asked what have you been doing since High School. I can not even do justice to one persons entry has to how ridiculous it is. Oh and he was serious in writing it. I thought about scanning it and posting it but I think there are to many real names and places in it. I might try to paraphrase it or censor the names on the scan. Now far be it from me to have a laugh at another person expense. But... hell why not.

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