Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dorking around with the code.

I am goofing around with the HTML code on the page to get my lead picture to fit just right. I love that shot. It was so hairy right there on the side of that peak with the glacier down below. Straight down. Every time I look at it it takes me back.
So the site is probably going to look like a mess since I don't know how to code. I change something in the code and then look. Change it back and repeat the process. I don't have a whole lot going on with riding unfortunately right now. This week is rain and last week was Orlando for work. No riding down there. Not close to where I was anyway. I did stop and ride the Daucet Nature center on the way down. I have not ridden there in years. The last time there I checked a tree in mid air with my shoulder. Had bursitis for almost a year. Painful. This time I rode it on the big bike. Fuuunnn! Very fast and lots of drops/stepdowns. 17 miles. Afterwards I swung back on to the Interstate and headed to Orlando.
In a couple of weeks some of us Single Speed Luvas will be going to Tsali for the day. No better place for SS. Am I right?


Anonymous said...

You suck. I wanna go rip Tsali on my Spot! I guess I'll just save my freakout for our Thanks-tryptophan-day ride(s).

Unknown said...

You can always come earlier. Let's do a weekend. What say you?