Friday, August 3, 2007

We arrive at the hotel in Brig.

That night a great dinner and drinks. A good bye dinner. We recalled all the great rides. The hairy sections and the hilarious events that happened through out. It was also agreed that by far our best Chris'ism was "ok guys quite a bit of exposure ahead ay. Keep that in mind. You fall you die." Hahaha. But, he wasn't kidding. We came to Switzerland and rode harder and faster than we do at home I think. And that is saying something. So now I am on the plane. I will try and dump the last of my update from the road to the site when we hit New York. It has truly been the trip of a life time but, I can't wait to see that beautiful wife of mine and my wonderful little ones. Man have I missed them. Anyway there is alot of the story to be told and a heap of pictures. Those will follow soon. Some stayed in Europe for a bit more holiday so it might take a little time to get all the pictures together.

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