Friday, August 3, 2007

The last ride

The last ride day we pulled into this train-gondola station inorder to get over a mountain. This was a good finishing ride. It was 35 miles that took us from Zermatt to Brig. A mix of road riding and some great trails gave the feel of a great adventure that had been had by all. Now it is time to bring it home and see those we love.
Chris took it easy on the downhill runs. Oh it was still fun but, he didn't turn it wide open like we have been the whole trip. The climbs were absolute killers and this being the last ride, some gave all. Elaine and I kept each other going like we have on alot of the climbs. Just trying to keep that husband of hers in site. What a climbing machine. And Elaine...Fuhgetaboutit!
I had a bit of a challenging ride due to a bent rear deraileur. It wouldn't drop into my two tallest gears which on the road riding really kind of sucked. I ended up spinning like a hampster in a cage and barely keeping up on the flats. The day before I think I must have bounced it off a boulder. At least it was the last ride.

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