Thursday, July 26, 2007

Whoooooo i'm here

Let me tell you there are not a lot of riders that ould ride this stuff. Whoowee i have been scared more than a few times. If you let it dictate you riding here you are going to get hurt. Today I cleaned quite a few sections. Sucked it up, let the speed come and justed flowed. I was behind Paulo and piked up some techniques. Oh he's good!



Anonymous said...

nice picts, but why do you keep putting an o after Paul.

Stercus said...

That looks amazing. The trip of a lifetime for sure.

Unknown said...

Maybe I'm spelling it wrong. Paulo, Paolo. Anyway that is his name he is a pro Downhiller and expert rider from Costa Rica. And one hell of a nice guy. One the best riders I have ever had the pleasure to ride with. Basically the dude rips.