Sunday, July 29, 2007

In Zermatt today

This town is in the German Swiss Alps and is quite touristy. But still very cool. Yesterday was a killer. 30 miles with full packs. I figure mine topped out around 28 to 30 lbs. I hauled the bike, me, and that pack like a champ. Nailed some super sick down hills. Ran them WFO with Chris and clean everyone, all day. It is really awesome at the riding level of the group. Chris says it was the fastest time he has done it with a group yet. More of the "Ok guys, lots of exposure here. You know go over and you die type stuff." Haha yeah! I never look over the edge. Just nail it and go. SO FREAKIN fast it was unreal. The bike is just spot on. Everything is staying dialed. The suspension. The tires. Feeling really in control. Bombing switchbacks with ease. I have learned to lay into it and skid the back around with not much loss of speed. Then wham huge drops and another switchback. Oh man the skills. The excitement. Can`t you tell.
Very cool group of people we all get along really well an have lots of fun. Mark, Ray, and myself have made lots of great new friends and hope that in the future we might all hook up for another big ride somewhere in the world. As a matter of fact I am sure of it. Friends you make in an enviroment like this and the things you share here are really special. We all get each other. The bike binds us.
So today we will do some shuttles from the top near the Matterhorn and probably the same tomorrow.
I will try to get pictures up soon. We have about 4 more days before home.
Life is good.
Chris has some updates too.

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