Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Trident. What a great Motorbike.

Maybe it's because it is a British bike. Maybe it's because I have not owned anything that ran in so long. Either way what a great riding motorcycle. Very smooth. Handles great for a bike that is thirty eight years old. And the sound, Wow. I have only owned Japanese bikes in the past and they have that high pitched sound that a Jap bike has. The Trident is throaty and you can feel that it is a strong engine standing next to it while it's running. I really can't get on the throttle for a while. The whole top end has been rebuild so everything is really tight. Breaking it in is going to be a slow process since I can only ride it in the evenings. Five or ten miles. They guys at the shop told me whatever you do, do not ride it in the heat of the day.
There is still water in the oil system. Every 50 miles I am going to need to change the oil in order to get all the water cycled out.
Getting use to the foot control being on the opposite side is a little weird too. I keep wanting to put my left foot down at a stop. Of course this is your rear brake so that doesn't work out to well. But what fun. Photos of the on going project to bring he Trident back to like.

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