Saturday, June 16, 2007

OH you haven't lived...

Until you have to search your four year old's poop in a Mexican Restaurant toilet using a straw for a poker.
The other day he swallowed a Nickel and well you have to "do" what you have to "do" as a parent. What a Friday Night!
He was taking a nap the other day and goofing around with a dime and nickel that he had found earlier that day. I forgot they were in his pocket. No matter how smart you think they are their judgement is not so good.
He threw up the dime but the nickel found it's may down the hatch.

At the time in the restaurant I grabbed a straw and shuttle him off to the restroom. No nickel was found. The search continues...

*Still nothing. Although now that we are back off vacation, instead of poking around I grabbed a metal detector out of the garage. I keep it near the bathroom. I just thought of using it on him this morning. Because we are not totally sure he swallowed it. He says he did and I know there was a dime and nickel in his pocket that day. So this evening I think I will give him the once over with the metal detector.

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