Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Two down and how many more to go is any ones guess. This is the second Niner WFO9 frame that has broken on me. You know the first time it was the edge of a weld and I thought it was no big deal. It happens that way sometimes.
The latest break was disturbing. Both cracks down low, centered around the BB. The one on the down tube to the BB ran right down the center of the weld. The one on the swing arm was straight metal. Cracked all the way through. I have been really happy riding the bike. Actually I love it. I am totally hooked on the long travel All Mountain 29, no doubt. Still it makes me wonder if the engineering to get 5.5 travel with 29 wheels needs another look. These cracks aren't factory defects.
I suppose as long as they are willing to keep replacing frames I'll keep riding them.
Currently I am waiting on an XL in black to be assembled. Meanwhile I have Marks birthday ride weekend coming up at his cabin. I really look forward to this every year. Brevard likes the big bike. I might be on the Sultan though, which is a great ride too albeit not as much of a stomper.
This just sort of pisses me off because of the whole Maxle lite incident I had this past summer. Basically it snapped on an outing to a freeride park and I separated my shoulder. Catastrophic failures scare the hell out of me now. It was quite painful.
Just another chapter...

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