Monday, November 15, 2010

This is the good for you FATS

Forks Area Trail System in August Ga is a blast. Mark and I headed out there this past Sunday. He wasn't able to take off Friday and go to Raccoon Mtn to ride. I remember him talking about hitting this place recently. I had a kitchen pass for Sunday and we haven't ridden together in a while so plans were made.IMBA had FATS listed as one of their Epic rides this year. They also had their year end or mid year or something other shindig there a couple of months ago (Man my research is spot on).
The trails are for the most part effort free. Very groomed and fast as a mother in spots with rollers and enough whoops to keep you pedal free for long runs. The air time on this trail is great or you can just roll it and haul ass. I think with a little more time a familiarity there are plenty of doubling up opportunities. It really is worth the trip. We ended up not doing Tower. It was at the other end out by itself and the day was getting short. I think my favorite was Skinny and the long sections off the pavement down Big Rock.
The work that went in to the trails is pretty amazing. It's like the trail is cradling you the whole time creating a flow that is unreal. It was easy to pick a good line and pin it.

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