Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chicks dig a guy with a nice Segway.

Segway has partnered with GM on there latest project to yet again remodel inner city travel. Wasn't the original Segway suppose to be the ultimate people mover. I mean I love the inventiveness of the thing and I think it's one hell of a gadget. Aside from running tours down town with them and watching Adam Savage zip around on one during Myth Busters what have you got. A gadget. A toy. It ain't solving no transportation issues.
Enter the PUMA: Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility. Maybe this thing will address the problem a little better. It's got a roof. It's faster than a Segway. A single charge will send you about 25miles and it's top speed is 25 mph. In town that's not too bad. Like the Segway it only has 2 wheels. Running 25mph on only two wheels like that sort of gives me the willies. What if you hit a curb. No gyro in the world is going to keep that up right. Can you say Face Plant?

Article: Autobloggreen

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