Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi there. Helllloooo? Creep.

Wow. I'm really not keeping this thing up. The weather has been such crap. Cold and wet. Or when it's not wet it's way to cold. Mostly lots and lots of rain. I'll ride as cold as 32 degrees occasionally but below that forget it.
Yesterday was a great winter teaser. Sunny and 60. I was able to get over to Blanket's Creek and it was actually open. Everyone else with a bike had the same idea. The main parking lot was packed. The overflow in the church parking lot was about 1/4 full. All I could think was this is not going to be that fun. Ever the eternal pessimist happily I was proven wrong. Once I got off the Mosquito Flats things started to clear out. I rode up on a carbon fiber frame wielding "weight aficionado in his Roswell Bikes tights. ------- I'm not going to do it. I just deleted a whole paragraph on how I dropped this guy. I gotta quit making riding a competition with everyone I run into on the trail. At some point I turned into this guy that felt like he had to take everyone out. Mostly I like doing to the "weight aficionados" (weight weenies). Just because I can on a 40lbs bike. They tend to not look down there nose at you after that. Hell if they look at you at all after that. Anyway it's a shame that it has come to this. But with any sport once it takes off the grassroots appeal and the everyone playing for the same team feeling is gone. You're lucky if you can get any one out there to reciprocate a damn greeting. And I tell myself other people's rudeness is not going to change me. I still say hi to people I meet. Now though I realize it has. In the old days....

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hellbelly said...

Amen, screw those a-holes. I miss it down there getting laugh at that bunch. It don't matter as long yr having fun and if putting the wood to those nitwits is fun for ya...ride on!