Friday, March 21, 2008

Will it mulch? That is the quesiton.

Yeah, a Zune mulches up pretty nicely. This will be the second 1st gen Zune to be removed from my ownership. The first one was stolen. The latest was hack to pieces by the riding mower. All the sudden ELO stopped playing and my headphones were being snatched out of my ears. The Zune slipped out of my sweat jacket pocket and landed on the mower deck momentarily then under she went and out on the lawn. I have and ipod and my trusty iriver IHP-120 but I really enjoyed the Zune. This last one was 100 bucks on Woot. Although many trash talk the Zune to death it is really a nice player.
Well, RIP 1st Gen Refurb'd black 30 gig Zune. The Social Is Over.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That sucks!

Buy an iPod the next time.

When are we going to go ride Blankets or hit Carter's????