Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A new shop rises from the ashes.

So, it looks like the small section of Trowel Trades where the bike shop is will be moving to bigger and better facilities. We're going to be moving off in a temporary shop while plans are in the works to build a new Trowel Trades building. The temp will be on the same premises. A little bit bigger and the inventory will be bigger. Items ordered from the website will still be available for pick up at T2 bikes in Suwanee. Hopefully we will have what you want already in stock. We're also looking to add T2 bikes to the Trowel Trades billboard. We've gotten a lot of email asking about high items and will we stock them. The answer is of course. So the old Brick and Mortar should be expanding soon. I am getting a plan together to start selling hand built wheelsets. I will be building those and offering them in the new shop. More to come...

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