Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm sorry, I can't stand it any longer. I have to.

I had to put this up here. First I have to give big props to Rob for throwing the speed to this little run and making it to the berm. Also I think that might have been the problem.
Set up: Our local trail has a little Freeride area and to celebrate and give an official launch one weekend they had shindig (pun intended). Rob went out with video camera in hand. I think he was feeling the bug from the previous weekend we did a ride in Pisgah and there is a creek gap near the end. I guess about 8ft across and 4 or 5 deep. Any way it is a sketchy run up. On try number 3 I did and you talk about the biggest squirrelly... Wow, like a big rainbow. Front wheel all the way. I rode it out. The other alternative would not have been good. I'll post it when I get it transfered. Plus we talked a lot about riding Central Park and maybe Carters lake. Just some good stunts and downhill for a change. So I can understand the excitement he must have felt about going to Big Creek. It really is a lot of fun out there.
Anyway, the berm at end can handle the speed but you really have to be ready to dig in. In a good way. There's nothing like a good crash to take your riding to a different level. From what I hear he went on to nail everything else the rest of the day. A couple days later was feeling the pain. I can imagine.
This Bud's for you Rob, Mister front brake snagger guy.


Robb Sutton said...

I can't believe you posted this! Freaking hilarious! Yeah that one bruised up my leg pretty good. Stupid mistake. There are pictures of me hitting that same run over again bigger and going just fine. Sometimes you just make stupid mistakes and laugh at them....

Get your video up soon! I have been waiting to see it for awhile now.

Unknown said...

I'll post the good run too. Let me have it.
You rock sir.