Thursday, September 6, 2007

I want fat tires, No, I want skinny tires, No wait, I want...

There is a Scandinavian company called Biomega that is making bikes that look like alot of fun. I think most of the marketing leans toward commuting. They are really putting it out there as far as radical designs. That can be an iffy proposition in the bike industry if you are looking to turn a profit. But, I can tell you I have a goal to sell enough junk on Ebay to buy a Brooklyn:
It comes in several colors and is a BMX inspired rig. We've seen this set up before ala the Hanebrink Extreme Terrain bike. And for 3500 bucks you can have one. Oh it does come with a suspension fork. OR- you can get the Biomega Brooklyn for around 700 bucks and go have some wacky ass fun.

The Puma folding bike by Biomega. Marketed as an easy to store Urban Assault bike. I really like this thing. You are set up with an 8 spd internal shifting hub. Cable actuated disc brakes. Looks like a 60mm stem with BMX bars. Fat slicks and the lower tube is replaced with a cable that doubles as a security device. Either use it to secure the bike or take it with you. The bike will not work with out it. The top tube is hinged to fold the bike in half for easy storage. Some where like your trunk or the cube at work. It reminds me of the old Sling Shot bike. Except this cable is not for suspension. I love riding in town but your bike really does take a beating. This thing looks like it could take it and maybe pull some stair jumps. I said maybe. It runs in the neighborhood of 800 bucks.
Here is a video that Puma has to get you jazzed about this bike. Ahh, yes. I like your style Puma. I- like- your- style.
NSFW- Get your free spirit on!

It just keeps getting better. Here is the Biomega Copenhagen. A commuter bike if ever there was one. Sorta. In the rear we have a Sram S7 internal shifting hub. And no front ring or chain. It is a shaft drive. Practically maintenance free. The bike weights almost 31 pounds. Personally I really don't care about weight but some would consider that on the heavy side. I couldn't get a stock photo. This is some guy that was selling his. They run a 1000 dollars.

Lots more to see...

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