Monday, August 13, 2007

MtnBike ride, recon mission? What's the difference.

Camelbak makes some pretty cool stuff. For a while I was down on them because of that damn (what I call) Tootsie Roll effect. You know, you put in a full bladder and the whole pack turns into a big roll. Then it flips around all over your back. Now it seems that most of their packs have the bladder pocket expanding into the pack and more of a rigid section up against your back. Previous to the Switzerland trip I was testing out quite a few. The one I ended up with did great and I am glad I had it. The Camelbak Alpine Explorer. Marketed as a hiking day pack. It has the same features as the ones that were suppose to be just for biking. But, I found it had a much better design and just little details that worked for me. Not to mention I got a 100 dollar pack for 35 bucks. Gotta love that.
Had I known about the military line of Camelbak gear I think I would have been all over it. The stuff is really cool. Instead of the consumer grade made from nylon these are all cordura. Of course they cost more but, Oh to be wearing that vest. Just like Rambo on two wheels.
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