Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A few pictures for the folks.

I am still working on comments for the pictures but here they are. FallYouDie07

My First ride back on Sunday was murder. Give me the altitude any day. The humidity is killer. I rode hard. Got a side stitch. Felt like crap. Wrung my socks out and went home. Still didn't let two fellas real me in. The gave it a good try though. :)
Today is suppose to be 100 degrees in the ATL. I think this week will just be spin classes.
Enjoy the pictures everyone. We've got lots more to come. Try to find the picture of Ray and Humbold. Cracks me up everytime.


Anonymous said...

So you are trying to get us to feel sorry for you have to ride stateside again?! Not going to happen!

Beth missed you guys and glad to hear that trip turned out as well as it did.

- Robb

Unknown said...

When the fall gets here it will be all good. Plus you get the slippery leaves. You know, a skill builder.
I highly recommend Big Mountain. Chris runs a great operation. If your serious.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hahaha. It hit me on the way home from work today. Beth. Hahahaha. I've been thinking for 2 days, who the hell is Beth.
Say hi to Ms. Diaz for us.