Monday, July 23, 2007


Did a small ride today after we arrived at the hotel. It was to work out the cobwebs and kind of get the feel for the terrain. A total blast. Rode up a paved moutain road for about 45min. Then a great single track run down. It was drizzling so everything was slick. Roots, rocks. Really cooking. My bike was on it the whole way. Tires hooked up and grabbed everything. Having a great time. Everyone is very cool. We have a couple from the Yukon. They are both Canadian Mountys. The are my new heros. A Mounty. Yes really. He's worked dog teams over miles and miles. Super climbers on the bike. There is a family from Whister. The mom and dad are good riders. The son is a 14 year old that someone here saw on pinkbike doing a 30ft gap jump. So yeah he rocks. Brother, Sister and friend from Canada. Us. Our quickly made friend David from Britain. Our guide and owner Chris is super nice guy. Paulo the second guide is a great guy. The really run a good operation here. I am pretty sure I will run off the mountain at some point. I can't stop looking around. It's so beautiful here I can't believe it. Tomorrow is a lift ride and down hill like crazy. The lifestyle of the Canadians and Swiss is really in tune with the enviroment. They are very aware and heavily involved in their enviroment. It is really nice to not be around the daily crap you are hit with in a big city. I am so envious of the way the canadians live. Outdoor everything. Man I love this. My wife doesn't know this yet but we're moving. hehehe. Oh yeah I am riding strong. Right up there. Gotta do what I do. Have fun everyone. Mike might be typos due to these funky Euro keyboards.

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