Monday, July 16, 2007

Avion. The AirStream Competion.

Back, I guess during the 60s and 70s Avion was the other consideration to buying an AirStream. Basically they're the same thing. Around the same price I believe. My Grandparents bought the one my Dad and I kind of jointly own now. They use to take the whole family, dog included. All over the country in that thing. Hahaha they pulled it with a Chrysler town and country station wagon. The one with the wood on the sides and the jump seats that folded up in the very back. What a classic setup. I remember camping in it and it was just the best. Even now it has a sort of magic for me. A lot of great memories come in to my head every time I step into it.
Up until maybe 3 years ago it sat in my Grandmothers driveway for 20 years. In excellent shape considering it's age. Circa 1970. She took really good care of it. She finally decided to sell it. Some guy up there offered to buy it. He was going to gut it and put racks in it to haul skis for the local ski club. THE Hell YOu Say! She would not sell it to him. Good for her. I bought it with my Dad. He ponied up 1500 dollars for it. Hahaha Yeah 1500. And no she was not taken advantage of. My Grandmother is very monetarily savvy. But I am her Little Hercules so... Hahahahaha. I drove the 850 miles to get it and bring it back. Paid for the gas and bought new tires for. They were dry rotted. It has load stabilizer with it and pulls great. Well , behind an f350 dually anyway.
The outside has oxidized and made the finish very dull. That is nothing more than elbow grease to clean that up. The air conditioner worked then it didn't then it did. Finally the compressor was changed. There is still and issue with that. The carpet needs replacing just because it's old and ugly. The bathroom needs the flooring checked out and some repairs. Other than that it's still all original and functional. It is really a cool experience camping in it. Very solidly built. The 60s/70s atmosphere inside puts you into this sort of laid back retro vibe.

There are two twin size beds one on either side of the aisle toward the back.

Door to the bathroom. Windows over each bed. Over head storage. All cabinets in the camper are solid single pieces of wood. Not the modern day laminated business.

The bathroom has a small window a full size shower (on the small side of full). For quick showers it's not bad. Toilet, sink, and a storage cabinet.

Magic chef stove/oven with a vented hood and range cover. All that is stainless steel. My Grand mother use to bake in with that thing. Cookies, pies. It still works great. You just can't find stuff made this way today.

Stainless steel sink. Closet and pantry run the full height. Window in front of the sink. Shades are drawn now to keep the heat inside down while it's stored. Dig those gold curtains. The counter top is a laminated material of some sort. It's still in tact.

A big refrigerator that runs on electricity or propane gas. Still working as of the last use. Worked well too.

Ahh, the front booth. The wind screen in front of the window raises up from the outside and give a great view and lots of light. The table folds away and has an extra section to make it longer. The booth also converts into a large bed. The back lighting from behind the trim sets a great mood in the evenings for just hanging out.

So there are a few items that need attention but nothing to major. I am hoping to get it out for some weekend trips with Momma and the little ones this fall.
I have all the brochures and manuals that go with it that I need to scan and post. I will get to that sometime.

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