Monday, June 25, 2007

Switzies Here I come.

I am finally satisfied that I have the Nomad dialed in and ready for 2weeks of Swiss Bliss. I still need to set the low speed compression for on the Totem. It dives a bit to much under hard front braking. I have a headset on the way to lower the front about half an inch. I thought there might be a problem with the amount of rake in the front end with the Totem. No sweat. I rerouted the Gravity Dropper cable and lengthened it. Much cleaner line. I have gone with and 8 inch rotor on the front (no other choice with a totem). A 7 inch rotor on the rear. This combo should do pretty well in the Alps.
The new bike box has shown up and appears to be a great fit. I was really on the fence about the Performance box. It seems to thin walled and the latches I could just see getting smashed and allowing the box to open. The Thule box is really heavy duty. Plus it fits on my rack. Sort of like a Rocket box so I might get some use out of it after the trip is over. If I don't sell it.
Once you have gone with high end suspension you have a whole new appreciation for it. I have gotten sort of picky about having everything dialed in just so. I am still using this bike as my do it all trail bike. I really have not felt any want for better climbing.
Hotel reservation are confirmed. Flight is booked. I still don't have all my gear together...

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