Tuesday, June 5, 2007

prep'ing for Switzerland

I'm not so sure about this bike box. I really had to break the bike down a long way on this test fit. Plus I have to stash some hear in there. Think I will see if Performance has the bigger one.
Update: So I take it back to Performance. Good God! What a cluster. I called and they told me that they had the Pro Case in stock. I get there and they don't have it. Of course I do not find this out until I pay for it and open the cardboard to find the same one I have. They the clerk goes to the back to look for one. I follow him back there and throw a "thanks buddy" at him. He replies "no problem". Well, he left me standing there for 10 minutes. I notice he's back at the register ringing people up. He went out another door and back to the front! YOU SIR ARE A JACK _ ASS! Just give me a full refund.
So anyway...

I came back to the office and ordered the Thule from a place online for 297 shipped. Not a back price. You can get a kit that allows it to be attached to your roof rack. Could work out better. We'll see.


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