Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I love this Motorsicle.

I have been having a great time on the bike. Even with no tag. I found a bunch of back roads to run it on in the evenings. The wheels are not as true as they could be but, the ride is really smooth and the handling is great. I didn't expect this from a thirty eight year old motorcycle. About every other ride I get a quarter size spot of oil under it. From what I hear that's doing pretty good. The case had no work done on it at the shop so those gaskets are who knows how old. The fork caps are still leaking oil. I need to check the shop manual and see if I may have left out some sort of O-ring in the top. A little messy but the shock is still working fine. I think a paint job and a new seat ( the pan is rusted out) and she will be done. Maybe a side mirror would be nice too.

Tag applied for.

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Jared L. said...

I wish I could chase the sun with a fistful of mosy on a motorsicle but mom won't let me get one.